Upcoming workshop with Tom Camp

We are really excited to host Tom for an exciting workshop that will take place on Thursday evenings (7-9pm) in May (16, 23, 30).  For those of you not familiar with Tom and his work, visit the Samaritan website.

Tom will be exploring a diagram depicting a system of personality correspondences called The Enneagram.  Systems similar to this one, sometimes referred to as 'typing' systems, have been common and highly utilized diagnostic tools across centuries and cultures.  Though the Enneagram's 'typing' (in this case, specifically 'personality typing') element is a more modern refinement, it has been evolving with the help of some very dedicated and brilliantly observant minds to become one of the most potent and user-friendly psychological tools for anyone dedicated to self-growth.

One problem some people have with 'typing' systems in general is feeling as though they are being pigeon-holed and their unique-ness goes unrecognized.  This, too often, reflects a problem in the presentation of this kind of material.  In fact, finding ways to anticipate reaction patterns (be they physical, mental, or emotional reactions) to various forms of stimulus (both internal and external) offers us more freedom rather than less.  And though not everyone fits neatly into one category, studying these categories, especially the ones you most prominently identify with, can be a powerful gateway to the study of the Self.  And, ultimately, an authentic study of Self becomes absolutely crucial to the journey toward profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.