Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health, a science of the nervous system and spine, and an art of helping people regain their health naturally. It recognizes that the body is an intelligent self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism and understands that the nervous system controls every part of the body including the immune system.

Chiropractic believes that the body works best when the nervous system is free of damaging interferences, which cause malfunction, symptoms and diseases, and a reduced quality of life. It observes that there are three interferences…physical trauma, emotional stresses and environmental toxins. One of these interferences is called subluxation. Chiropractors correct subluxation, allowing your nervous system to function more normally, releasing your body’s innate potential to regain health naturally and paving the way for you to experience wellness throughout life.

New Chiropractic Patients

Your first appointment with Dr. Allison or Dr. Janet will include a look into your medical history and current health concerns and goals.  First appointments last approximately 45 minutes.  If you need additional time to complete the initial paperwork, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to do so. 


Adults:                                                                                                                                          New Patient Consultation and Adjustment: $100                                                              Adjustment: $45                                                                                                                                        Extended Adjustment: $60 (for active patients that haven't been adjusted in more that 3 months)

Children:                                                                                                                                      New Patient Consultation and Adjustment: $50                                                                              Child Adjustment: $20

**If you are billing insurance for your chiropractic appointments, please see our online form.

Allison Kennamer, D.C.

Dr. Allison Kennamer is a North Georgia native.  After receiving her Bachelor's degree from Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia, she attended the rigorous Doctoral Degree program in Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  While visiting Athens, Dr. Kennamer fell in love with the town's feel and pace, and decided that Athens should be her home.  She continues to enjoy living here and feels it is the perfect place to raise her two young sons, Conner and Will.

Janet headshot.jpg

Dr. Janet Cheng is a chiropractor and reorganizational healing practitioner in Athens, GA. She was born and raised in New York City, and never considered leaving (or learning how to drive) until she fell in love in and with Georgia. (She has since gotten her license, slowed down her walking pace, but still says “you guys” instead of “y’all.”) Dr. Janet graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA with honors and is recognized for her commitment to vitalism, the philosophy that the body is a self-organizing, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism.

One day, while on the adjusting table, she remembers looking up at Dr. Lisa Kirsch, her chiropractor, friend, mentor and inspiration, and asking, “Do you think that I could become a chiropractor too?” That, my friends, is how Dr. Janet ended up in Georgia.

Dr. Janet moved to Athens, GA in January 2017, and has been living it up ever since. It is Dr. Janet’s personal mission to foster conscious connection in the community of Athens. She believes that self-awareness is the key to peaceful coexistence on earth, and it begins with each person that walks through her doors.