Our Clinic

Every human being is unique.  It follows that healthcare should aim to treat the individual as such.  At Thrive, we have assembled a team of the best practitioners in their fields to offer each patient the care most suited to their presentation.  We don’t treat disease, we treat human beings.

Integrative Medicine describes a model of healthcare that is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. The benefit of Integrative Medicine comes from having access to the best healthcare 'tools' for any specific condition.  No one medical method has all the answers. Everyone should have access to the best, from across the spectrum of healthcare modalities, to treat the conditions that are adversely affecting their quality of life.  We bring together multiple practitioners under one roof, in order that patients receive the absolute best care possible.  At Thrive, your wellbeing is our guide.  If we feel we can’t offer you effective treatment for your condition, we wont hesitate to refer you to someone that can.

Our Community

Integrative medicine shines when your practitioners are communicating.  At Thrive, your providers can routinely sit down in the same room and discuss any shared cases.  We are also constantly working to build relationships with other high quality healthcare providers in the community.  Communication minimizes overlap in treatment as well as the risk of something being overlooked in diagnosis.  We look forward to meeting and working together with the other members of your healthcare team.