MASSAGE Therapy 

Massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual techniques such as applying firm static pressure or firm movable pressure, and moving muscles and body tissues. Massage generally improves blood and lymph flow and reduces muscles tension, relieves spasms, increases limb and joint flexibility, promotes deeper breathing, can assist with tension related headaches and migraines, and promotes faster healing to soft tissue injuries.

What type of massage is practiced here?

Therapeutic massage is one in which the practitioner uses conversation and palpation to help pinpoint the areas of discomfort in a person’s body and what is causing the pain.The practitioner will then figure out the best way to reduce and relieve your discomfort. There are many different techniques used in therapeutic massage such as, compression of the muscles tissues, stretching, or compression gliding the length or width of the muscle tissue. Regularly receiving therapeutic massage can greatly help to reduce stress and relieve many different kinds of acute or chronic pain.

New to massage?

Massage is typically done on a massage table and the client is undressed to their level of comfort and draped with sheets and blankets. A person's private areas will be covered and draped for their comfort at all times during the massage.


45-Minute Session: $60

60-Minute Session: $80

90-Minute Session: $110

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Anna McNeil, Lmt

Anna is passionate about massage as a means of holistic healing. She hopes to create an opportunity for her clients to live in their body’s full potential. As a graduate of the Georgia Massage School, Anna is confident that massage therapy can help many connect with their body on a deeper level and help support a healthier lifestyle. She first connected with massage therapy through the renewing art of Thai Massage. This practice changed her day to day experience and also allowed her to consistently practice Acrobatic Yoga. Deep tissue compression on overworked muscles combined with consistent personal and assisted stretching are essential to maintaining soft tissue function, regardless of daily exercise or personal routine. In a massage therapy session here at Thrive, Anna will explore various types of massage and find what works best for each body. She practices deep tissue, sports massage, Thai massage, assisted stretching, neuromuscular therapy, and trigger point therapy. Anna is excited to be a source of restorative bodywork here at Thrive.