Colds and Flu

It happens often that a patient will call to cancel an appointment for acupuncture/TCM stating that they have gotten sick.  This is the PERFECT time to come in for a treatment!  

As I've talked about before, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system.  This means that the medical system treats almost any kind of ailment in almost any body system.  Of course, some conditions are better treated by other medical systems.  Though TCM has an advanced tradition of trauma medicine, as a professor of mine used to say "If I get hit by a bus, don't drag me to the acupuncture clinic.  Call an ambulance!!" 

Chinese medicine is excellent at treating contagious bacterial and viral diseases such as the types that cause colds, the flu, even the dreaded stomach bug.  Acupuncture can help stimulate the immune system and alleviate symptoms.  Chinese herbal formulas serve to rebalance the body in a way that can help the body mobilize its own defenses.  And some of our formulas have very powerful antibacterial and antiviral qualities.  Chinese herbal medicine gained worldwide recognition during the SARS and Avian flu epidemics for success in resolving these illnesses where conventional medicines were failing.

Thrive is a medical clinic!  We are healthcare providers that are trained to help improve your health in acute distress as well as aiming to improve chronic conditions.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help with your back pain, sure.  But thats just the beginning.  We are passionate about caring for your health in every facet.  

So next time you have a cold, consider keeping your appointment.  We will suspend whatever it was we were working on before and focus on getting you feeling better again as quickly as possible.