Another argument against icing injuries.

Chinese medicine has long preached against the use of ice in treating inflammation due to injury. One on my professors in school put it this way:  "Ice is for dead people!!"  Ice preserves a situation just as it is.  Thats why your refrigerator/freezer is so important.  If you didn't store your food in a cold environment, what would happen?  Cold stops biological process. When we are in pain and are suffering tissue damage, does it make sense that we would want to preserve the situation just as it is?  NO!!  We want the body, in its infinite wisdom, to revert to its self-healing protocol and begin to repair the damage.  

This has created a rift between those of us trained in Chinese medicine, and western trained physicians and Physical Therapists.  Here is a trainer that breaks down the ice debate in western terms.  Brilliant.

Granted, this video is a tad long and will interest the nerds out there (like us) more than anyone else.  But a really great explanation, and a great resource for all health care practitioners and athletes, as well as the rest of you.  Follow the link below.  Enjoy!

Click here to view the video.