What do you really want?

Really!  What do you want?  I don't mean for lunch.  I mean, what do you want for your life?  What goals do you have that feel deeply important to you?  What goals do you have that you keep secret because you feel you could never accomplish them?  If you could write the ultimate, epic story of your own life, how would it read?

We live in a world with so many choices.  We have opportunities that our grandparents never had, that our parents never had, and that probably 80% of the rest of the world STILL doesn't have.  We are lucky beyond measure.  However, the blessing can end up feeling like a curse.  With so many options, how are we to determine what to do with our precious time and energy?  We determine what to do with our precious time and energy using a powerful, top-secret weapon: CHOICE.  And we can choose based on any number of factors.  I'm suggesting that one of the factors present in the decision-making process should always be heart and soul desire. 

There are plenty of things in life we don't have a choice about.  I would suggest these "mandatory" activities are FAR fewer than we tell ourselves they are.  It comes down to value.  What do we truly value in our lives?  If you say you value it, are you engaging it?  When you have free time, how do you choose to spend it?

This is NOT designed to be a value judgement on my part on how you spend your time!  Remember, you choose what you value.  This is NOT designed to give you another opportunity to beat yourself up over what you haven't accomplished!  What I want to point out is that many of us have a deep sense of purpose burning inside that longs to be expressed.  No "deep sense of purpose" you say...  What about passions?  Causes that you feel are important?  An art or skill you've always wanted to learn?  Hobbies you feel drawn to?

When faced with a choice about how to spend my time, I can certainly come up with a million excuses for why I would not spend my time cultivating purpose (passion, cause, hobby).  There are so many options that would allow me to "shut down" or "turn off" or "tune out".  And then my dream remains just that: a dream.  Or I can remain "awake" and engage with the alchemy of bringing my dreams to fruition.

My intention here is to encourage each of us to be willing to live what we value.  Integrity starts here.  When we align our actions with our deepest desires, we have the potential to live that epic life right now.  Inspiration is born of a life lived this way.  Inspiration is healing.  And inspiration is yours if you choose it.