Thank You Thrive!

By: Kelli McConnell

Thursday, June 11th will be my 850th day at Thrive! I know! Incredible. I was hired as a Front Desk Angel in the winter of 2013, and before we even opened our doors I knew this place would change my life. I didn't know how exactly, but I remember the distinct feeling that I had landed in the perfect place to work and to work on myself. I personally have learned and grown so much over the last 2+ years and most importantly, I have had the pleasure to work with wonderful people whom I have come to love and now count as my family...

From the beginning, Thrive was designed to be a place of profound healing in our community and it has been a true blessing for me to work here because everyone who works here has simple goals: Grow, Be Better, Move, Stay True, Center Yourself, Heal ~ I'm paraphrasing, but that's the general gist.

As many of you know, I was recently offered a job with the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia (!!) and starting in a few weeks I will be transitioning into my new position as Membership Manager in the field of Recruitment. This is a Community Advocacy position where I will be out and about spreading good cheer and talking about the wonderful programs and services that the Girl Scouts offer young ladies in Athens and the surrounding region. How exciting!

All of this is to say, that on my 850th day of work, I will say goodbye to my job at Thrive. I will not, however, say goodbye to Thrive! I will be around, I will continue to come in for treatments and I will hopefully run into many of you in the community! I am looking forward to the next chapter, and I say that with a heart full of gratitude and deep bows to everyone here at Thrive...the patients, and of course Tony, Jana, Shauna, Laura, Dr. Allison, Michelle, Leah and now Jane! (who will be taking over as Front Desk Angel) -- whoa there's a lot of us!

We've come a long way and I cannot wait to see where you all take it from here! Congratulations on growing and sustaining an amazing practice that helps so many people here in Athens. I am a proud Thrive Lifer! xoxo Love!! Kelli