Camp Amped

Before I get going about Camp Amped I have to introduce Nuçi’s Space to those of you who may not know what a life saving resource we have here in Athens GA. Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians. This short documentary says it better than I can. 

I am a musician that is here today and peacefully thriving because Nuçi Phillips lived. I will forever be grateful for the loving care I've received over the years at Nuçi’s Space.

What is Camp Amped?

Camp Amped is a summer day camp for youth ages 11 to 17 (middle and high school students) which supports the mission of Nuçi’s Space by serving as an outreach program to young musicians. There are two sessions each summer, one in June and one in July.

For two magical weeks 20 kids, 8 instructors, a slew of volunteers and the Nuçi’s Space staff have the adventure of a lifetime making music, new friends and life changing memories. Each day of camp is different that the one before and is action packed with much much more than Rock and Roll. Students begin the day with some form of getting grounded and setting an intention for the day with activities like Taiji, Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation. Students have two different bands that rehearse daily as well as a whole group song that serves as the Grand Finale of the big show. After lunch, the Instructors and Campers spend time talking as a group about Survival Skills for the Creative Mind. Those talks include a broad range of topics ranging from performance etiquette, life on the road, music as a hobby, how to treat a sound engineer to mental health awareness, suicide awareness/prevention and drug and alcohol abuse. Afternoons are spent in a 2nd rehearsal and the campers get either a music related workshop or a  private performance to close the day. (Patterson Hood, Jonathan Byrd, Kenosha Kid, other local favs as well as touring bands).

Between band rehearsals there are snacks and lunches provided by local businesses and volunteers : The Grit, Mamma's Boy, White Tiger, Trader Joe's and many more.It takes donations from people like you and businesses in our community to make Camp Amped and Nuçi’s Space a reality for all of us to experience. From the bough of my heart...THANK YOU. Every donation helps be it your time or your financial support.

Nothing excites me more or brings me more joy than the privilege of being a Camp Amped Instructor. I consider it to be a true honor to give back to a place that has given so much to so many. For every person helped, countless others benefit. Hundreds of lives are saved every year.

So...You won't see me behind the front desk for a few weeks in June and July (Thanks to my supportive Thrive family). I'm counting down the days for Camp Amped 2015 to start... Only 18 days to go!!!! The big show takes place at Nuçi’s Space Saturday, June 20th at 7pm sharp and is FREE. Please, come support our future music scene and experience this beautiful-face melting-rock and roll-lifesaving awesomeness with me!

Shauna Greeson

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