Breaking up with Facebook

By: Shauna Greeson

Facebook led you to this journal entry. For that I am grateful. And I get the importance of social media to businesses, families, artists, etc... This is just my own personal experience.

Here's my story: What started as a temporary break from social media has been so transformative in my life that I am urged to share. For me it has been the beginning of the end of isolation from myself - of who and what I actually am and a clearer understanding of who and what I could be. These are only my experiences to share. In no way am I suggesting a negative or shaming view of anyone else’s relationship with social media. My intent is to share, not to shame. 

Back in Spring of 2015 I realized that years had gone by with me checking my various social media accounts before turning the lights off at the end of the day and beginning every day the same way. I began to feel like time was being stolen from me and decided right then and there to finally take a break from it all (it was something I'd thought about for a while). It began as an experiment of awareness... Would I miss it? Was I a Facebook addict and would it be like quitting any other addiction? What would actually happen in my daily life if I deactivated all of it and became fully present to what was actually right in front of me?... 

Guess what? The Earth, the Sun and the Moon still did their thing. As time passed and my awareness grew I started writing down the changes. The list was surprising to me. Here's what I noticed:

Mornings were different, less rushed as I suddenly had extra time. Selfies and stalking ceased. Work was different and became more productive... So. Much. More. Time... - as if the day had more hours in it. I gained the ability to focus on how I relate to the World around me without an undercurrent of what my 300+ 'friends' might think (I was unaware of the undercurrent until I was free of it). Suddenly, I was forming autonomous thoughts free of peer pressure or fear of judgment. Speaking of friends... I actually have less than ten friendships that are nurtured regularly and feel very blessed to have that many. Those relationships are now richer and brighter because of the extra time and intention I have. I've noticed an increase in reading books as well as more time spent creating things- music, art, jewelry, phone calls to friends and family... 

You know, the most important thing I'm taking from this experiment is this: The understanding that  I once believed that my importance was effected and even gauged by cyber likes and the most flattering angle of a camera lens. Today I know that is a lie. My importance is measured by my usefulness to the Earth and to others.

It's been over 6 months and I can honestly say that for metaking a break from social media has been a wonderful change in my daily life that I think I'll hold on to. I don't miss it like I thought I would and it was much easier to let go of than I expected. All in all it has enriched my... well, my everything.