What is Qigong?

Qigong is probably less familiar to many of you than the other classes we offer here in the Classroom.  So, if you're wondering whether or not you should be in class at noon, lets take a brief moment to talk about what it is.

'Qi' in Chinese, refers to life-force energy.  Its the vitality that animates us.  'Gong' refers to skill, or work.  So Qigong is the practice of, literally, working with our life-force energy.  The term is a huge umbrella that encompasses practices that have many different foci.  Under this umbrella, there are practices that focus on health, both preventative and corrective.  Some Qigong exercises are more oriented toward spiritual or scholarly pursuits.  And still others were developed to increase particular physical skills necessary for martial arts.

What can you expect in class?

Because Qigong encompasses such a vast variety of exercises, and indeed, types of exercises, our possibilities in class are endless.  We will focus mostly on health-based practices, often referred to as 'Medical Qigong', though expect overlap and exploration across many different types of exercises.

Class will include a combination of relaxed, flowing movements, deep breathing and visualization techniques.  The effect of these exercises will produce a feeling of peaceful well-being immediately and you will likely leave class feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and intimately connected to your own body and breath.  In the long-run, Qigong allows us to work on specific areas of health and wellness in a focused manner, and these long-term effects are the true goals of the practice.  We get to cultivate, with intention, the kind of life we want for ourselves.

Above all, Qigong is FUN!  Its important to enjoy ourselves as we work toward a more potent life!  Indeed, "Laughter is the best Medicine".