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  • Licensed Massage Therapist

Anna is passionate about massage as a means of holistic healing. She hopes to create an opportunity for her clients to live in their body’s full potential. As a graduate of the Georgia Massage School, Anna is confident that massage therapy can help many connect with their body on a deeper level and help support a healthier lifestyle. She first connected with massage therapy through the renewing art of Thai Massage. This practice changed her day to day experience and also allowed her to consistently practice Acrobatic Yoga. Deep tissue compression on overworked muscles combined with consistent personal and assisted stretching are essential to maintaining soft tissue function, regardless of daily exercise or personal routine. In a massage therapy session here at Thrive, Anna will explore various types of massage and find what works best for each body. She practices deep tissue, sports massage, Thai massage, assisted stretching, neuromuscular therapy, and trigger point therapy. Anna is excited to be a source of restorative bodywork here at Thrive.