Co-founder & Director

  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Chinese Herbalist
  • Instructor of Taijiquan

Tony received his Masters degree in Traditonal Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Five Branches University, one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the nation.  In addition to classroom study with some of the best practioners from China and the US, Five Branches extensive clinical training gave him the opportunity to take advantage of his supervisors’ decades of experience in hospitals in China and busy private practices to treat a wide variety of conditions.  Tony also interned with some of the best San Franciso Bay Area TCM practitioners outside of school, rounding out his experiences in busy private clinics where he saw a great deal more patients.

Tony went on to work at one of Northern California’s most innovative Integrative Medical clinics, both as an Primary Health Care Provider and Taiji (Tai Chi) instructor.  He also was an instructor of Taiji and Qigong at Five Branches University and at other health and wellness institutions around the Bay Area.  (For more on Tony’s unique and extensive Taiji and Qigong background, click here)

Tony is currently serving as Assistant Director at the Confucius Institute at Augusta University (formerly Medical College of Georgia).  Working closely with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this CI has developed a certificate program in TCM being offered to medical students at Augusta University.  A former adjunct professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University, Tony is still actively teaching each semester as a consultant in the program.  The first clinical capstone project will take place under Tony's supervision in spring of 2017.


Tony is an excellent general practitioner, but also specializes in Internal Medicine, Orthopedic injury,  Emotional health, and Chinese herbal medicine.



An unedited video of an interview at Augusta University.  Lots of great info on what Chinese medicine is, and more about the work we are doing at the Confucius Institute.