Thrive Institute


  Corporate/Institutional Wellness and Consulting

The human being, operating at full potential, is a powerful force of productivity and inspiration. Contrary to conventional wisdom, and the prevailing trends in this industry, full potential living is not simply a state of mind. Ancient wisdom traditions were developed around the recognition that body, mind, and spirit need a unified resonance to spring board a person toward that full potential. At Thrive Institute, we utilize those ancient wisdom traditions alongside the latest research and modern approaches to wellness, stress management and leadership development in order to engender full potential living in all the individuals and groups we work with.

Our programs are unique. Each program is custom created based on the needs of the individual, group or organization we work with. We tailor curriculum to fit those needs, creating highly specialized, experiential, and interactive programs. No two programs are alike. We believe that there is no one prescription for wholeness. We meet individuals and groups WHERE THEY ARE to begin down the exciting path of full potential living.


Retreats, Special events and keynotes


We are available for events and keynotes at your location or off-site at a secondary location. Events can be planned for an hour at lunch,  for a full day,  weekend, or anything in between. Some sample topics are included below, but again, we can adapt to your needs. We want to provide content that meets your needs. 

Topics Include: 

  • -Tai Chi Principles for Conflict Resolution

  • - Health Management and Healthy Lifestyle

  • -Utilizing Ancient Chinese Philosophy in a Modern Performance Context.

  • -Mind/Body Practices in Stress Management

  • -The Practical Application of Mindfulness Strategies

  • -Observing Nature as a Guide to Work Life Balance

  • -Seasonal Wellness

  • -An Honest Approach to Task Presence


            Programs, Consulting and Individual Coaching

We design custom Wellness, Stress Management and Empowerment programs. Most large corporations and institutions provide their own excellent in-house wellness and coaching options. We specialize in working with those teams and departments to bring cohesion and consistency to programs already in place. The most important value of any wellness program is defined by the sustained benefit to the executives' and employees' lives at work and beyond. We design programs that offer that sustainability. We work directly with Wellness and HR teams to provide further breadth and depth to programs already in place, and can craft our content to emphasize the priorities of those teams. By offering continued consulting services, we excel in providing ongoing support to HR and Wellness teams so that the concepts presented in our programs can continue to deepen in the lives of participants.

                                                    Possible Program components:

  • - Health management and healthy lifestyle

  • - Diet and exercise

  •   -Posture and movement mechanics

  • -Meditation (practical application)

  • -Taiji (tai chi), qigong, yoga                                                                                           

  • - Performance Philosophy

  •   -Conflict resolution 

  • -Creating a positive office culture

  • -Goal setting

  •                                                                                                                    - Life transitions and relationships



About Tony Galis

Tony Galis is a licensed Acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Medicine, and Instructor of Taiji (Tai Chi) and Qigong. He has developed two cutting edge Integrative Medical clinics in both California and Georgia, taught at multiple universities, and presented on topics at home and abroad. His passion now is bringing ancient wisdom and modern research together to bring the best of East and West to corporations and institutions in order to inspire groups and individuals to their fullest potential.  For a full biography please click HERE.