New Rolfing patients

Rolfing is done on a massage table or seated on a bench.  There is more client movement in rolfing than during a massage. Clients may shift positions several times in a session to allow better access of the area being worked. A client may also be asked to make specific movements so that the therapist can see where they need to work, or to activate muscles that are inhibited, or to retrain the client’s movement patterns. The Rolfer works with their hands and forearms in long slow deep strokes, which lengthen and free adhesions in the connective tissue.

Clients are always welcomed to be covered by sheets for warmth and comfort.  Rolfing is generally done partially undressed, in order for the Rolfer to have skin-to-skin contact.  Some clients are comfortable their underwear: underwear and bra for women and briefs or boxers for men. Other options are workout gear like loose shorts, sports bras for women, bathing suits, or loose fitting clothes that might be worn to a yoga class.

Rolfing Sessions last 90 minutes, which includes an intake and an initial postural assessment at the beginning of each session. 


90-minute Rolfing Session: $110