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Push Hands Principles with Tony Galis

This unique day-long workshop is designed to introduce the basic principles of traditional Yang style push hands.  This workshop is excellent for the student that genuinely seeks to understand their forms at a deeper level. Traditional forms will take on a completely different, arguably more "authentic" feel after experiencing this basic material.  It is also excellent preparation for the student interested in progressing to a study of push hands.  

The course is designed for any skill level.  Previous experience with a bare-hand form (24, 48, 108, "long form", "short form", etc...) is recommended.

THIS COURSE WILL NOT BE COMPETITIVE IN NATURE!  Though this course will include two-person drills and activities (partner work), we will perform these activities in a safe and cooperative environment.  We will not be studying traditional martial applications, though this material is a pre-requisite for understanding those applications.  This class is designed to take participants deeper into their own experience of Taiji (Tai Chi). 

Even if you have zero interest in Taiji as a martial art, this class will provide you with a new depth that will PROFOUNDLY affect your health and meditative goals!!

$75, register by calling 706.850.2000



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