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Cha Dao: The Chinese Way of Tea

Tea (Camellia Sinensis) is the single most popular beverage in the world, excluding water.  It has dictated global trade patterns for centuries, and has even started wars.  Elaborate ceremonies punctuated the harvest of the best new spring teas destined for the imperial palace in China over the course of many dynasties.  And today, tea connoisseurs still spend hundreds of dollars for just a few ounces of the best teas. 

Today, much is being made of the health benefits of tea.  But this plant has been prized for its health benefits in the East for millennia.  Steeped in legend, valued by many, with a storied past, tea is fascinating!

Here in the South, we drink a lot of tea (iced, of course).  And though many folks occasionally substitute tea for coffee, most people in the country have never had the pleasure of drinking good tea,  Even when the tea itself is of good quality, it is often brewed poorly, completely ruining any of its subtle flavors.


In this very special evening, we will be:

*discussing tea culture and history

*discussing tea health benefits

*discussing tea legend and ceremony

*discussing tea types (what's the difference between green tea and black tea?)

*examples of various brewing methods.

*sampling various types of (high quality) tea, brewed correctly.

*** Space is limited to 10 people for this special event. Please call to make a reservation 706.850.2000. 



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