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Essence of Qigong w/ Tony Galis

Come and immerse yourself in a day long exploration of the practice of qigong.  We will start with the fundamentals, and then investigate those fundamentals in the context of practice.  As with any practice, success depends on clear understanding of the foundational principles that make the practice what it is.  Through movement, breath, and visualization, those principles will come alive, setting the stage for all participants getting the most from their qigong practice.  All levels of experience are welcome to attend.  Those new to the art will find this class an indispensable introduction to a life changing practice.  Longtime practitioners will likely find connections within the material that they have not previously encountered.   Come explore the profound benefits of this ancient internal art with us!

Students should bring a water bottle, a notebook and pen, and wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat bottomed shoes.

Cost is $60, preregistration required by March 23rd. Call 706-850-2000

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