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ULTIMATE Yamuna® Release Party w/ Michelle Arington

Save your Back with the Ultimate Back Release Party!

A mindful, breath-centered, Yamuna® Body Rolling experience to help you unwind and let go of tension in the body, heart and mind. Roll out the stress of the holidays and into the New Year with this powerful self-care practice. The perfect way to treat yourself, or a friend, or both!

This Ultimate Back Release Party is designed for anyone who suffers with back weakness, stiffness, pain, herniated discs, and sciatica, or for anyone who would like to learn how to prevent these issues with Yamuna Body Rolling.

We'll begin by focusing on YBR® routines to help you restore and support healthy lower back function and build balance, strength and length in the low back and abdominals*Hint: For those of you looking for a little psoas release, you will find it here!

Then, we'll progress into the middle back. Compression in this area can cause lower and upper back pain; as well neck and shoulder limited range of motion and pain. These focused routines will release tension and restrictions in the ribcage and thoracic spine for more space and freedom of breath and motion.

Finally, we will focus on the sternum, and upper shoulders to the scull. This is a common area of tightness and pain. These YBR® routines will decompress the thoracic and cervical vertebrae to release the tension and stress, restore alignment and range of motion, and help you create a long, strong, flexible, healthy neck.

$42.00                                                                                                            Call 706-850-2000 to reserve space.