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Foundation Training w/ Shain Dyckman


Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to bring us back to our natural postures and movement patterns. The exercises teach you how to effectively use your body and build it up rather than the constant breakdown our modern lives create.

Foundation Training can help alleviate acute and chronic back pain, enhance athletic performance, improved coordination, facilitate better posture, and help you move more muscularly.

Foundation Training is literally the most natural way of moving the human body. If you have a human body you were designed to do these movements.  The movements and positions are simple to learn, but have a powerful and long lasting positive effect.


About The Instructor:

Shain Dyckman is the co-owner of Leap High Flying Trapeze School. A lifelong athlete, he is always searching for ways to increase performance and health. In 2013 he discovered Foundation Training and immediately noticed an improvement is his posture as well as less tension in neck after only a couple weeks of practice. Believing that others could benefit from this work, Shain became a Certified Foundation Training Student Instructor in March of this year

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