new Acupuncture & chinese medicine Patients

Our Initial Consultations are an in depth look into your medical history and current health concerns and goals.  You should count on being here for approximately 90 minutes.  If you need additional time to complete the initial paperwork, please arrive early to do so.  We will have plenty of time to address both the chief complaint, and your history.  We will then devise a treatment plan for you based on your presentation and our diagnosis, and give you a treatment.    

Needles do NOT have to be a part of the treatment.  Acupuncture is one of the treatment modalities we utilize frequently, but for some patients needles may not be indicated, or the patient may just prefer not to have any.  We have many other tools, including tuina, cupping, moxa (or heat therapy), and Chinese herbal formulas.  

At the end of your first treatment we will explain our treatment plan including frequency of treatments, any prescribed herbs or supplements, and any diet and lifestyle changes we recommend.  Patients often feel results after just one treatment.  Indeed, for mild, acute conditions, that may be all that's required.  For longer-standing or chronic conditions, more treatments are usually indicated.

If you would like to discuss your health goals before deciding to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to call or email us!


Initial Consultation + Treatment (90 minutes): $130

Follow-up Consult + Treatment (60 minutes): $85

Initial Herbal Consult (60 minutes): $85

Follow-up Herbal Consult (30 minutes): $50